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The power of giving

You believe in the miracle of giving (the magic to give)? I am not discussing a book by Ustad Yusuf Mansur. But if there is a book that I recommend to you, The Miracle Of Giving is one of them.
I'm not going to talk about the review of the book now. I just wanted to tell you how God once again showed me that the miracle of giving it really exists. This is her story.
Last Monday, I happened to have an appointment to meet with a prospective customer who obtain information about the diet program through my website MudahTM Diet Program. We set up a meeting at the Plaza Semanggi afternoon after the home office. Commitment and professionalism in order to go home after work, I hurried up to go to Plaza Semanggi so as not to late to meet that promise.
I arrived there about five o'clock in the afternoon. Feeling comes first, I was contacted prospective customer is to ask where the position. It turns on the phone he said it could not come up and cancel an appointment that afternoon. Upset too actually, considering the way from coming to the Plaza Semanggi Tg.Priok.
Emotion than clear guns, I was sliding to the floor 3a. As I recall there is a lot of the food court. I want to unwind and relax with brewing resentment with a warm drink. When passing Warung Kita, I see there is such a collection of people whose faces seemed familiar to my mind.
Ah yes true, it turns out they are also a few bloggers and social media activists are quite familiar and whom I often interact in cyberspace. There Edo Mas, Mas Rosid, Galuh, Chicko and Mas Eko. Whether since when they were there, I do not know. Immediately, I was approached to join the chat and chipped. I think it is pretty, there are friends that afternoon relax.
We were sharing about blogging activities. Share with each other. Bahasannya topics were varied. Starting from site is currently a parameter for the Corporate seek the buzzer to making money online, be it via adsense or job review ever given ID Blog Network. Had discussed also about the 'conflict' community of bloggers who are split into several camps.
Mas Edo also briefly talked about his community who had a noble mission to help develop SMEs in Indonesia. He did not hesitate to promote SMEs in the circle of the community at no charge. Specialized SMEs. Big brand, just step aside. This is a very positive activity. I remember when the first student, while providing free training themed Blog Online Store in the Student Creativity Program funded by the Government.
Mas Rosid also seemed not to be outdone open topic of conversation is also interesting and intriguing, which is about copy and paste the content of blogs by those who are not responsible. I just do not seem to have a similar problem. I say to the Mas Rosid, "If we start often dicopas content, that means we are good writing and be prepared to be increasingly popular. So instead of dizziness ngurusi the plagiarism, mending focus on making new content useful. Thus we can be more creative. "
Completion of this cool chat about seven in the evening. I was invited to dinner all together before returning to their homes. Apparently Mas Mas Rosid Edo and could not and had to go home. I live, Galuh, Mas Eko, Chicko and Sis Mas, Ma'am Galuh boyfriend who was waiting on the other side of the food court.
While I am all the way businesses distribute flyers. Moral hazard is, because apparently a lot of potential prospects. More fun to spread flyers suddenly there was a notification sms that the validity of Indosat Blackberry Internet Service I ended that day. I immediately checked the pulse remains, apparently pulsanya less. I then look at the counter that sells Toll Plaza Semanggi. Other friends that I'm go ahead, I'll one after another.
Due to the lack of not too much, I enter 50.000. Not long after I fill pulse, counter guards then told me that I get a voucher "Scratch and Get It" Indosat. Since I bought 50,000, then I am entitled to two vouchers.
I asked Ms. guard counter, "Ma'am what this program from Indosat? I really did not know it? "
"It's an old program Mas. Been a long time anyway, if not one already since last month September 2011 until February 2012. So each of our credit to buy a minimum of 25.000 Indosat's get one voucher Scratch and Get It a prize instantly. Period does know mas guns? "Replied the guard Ma'am guns grinning clear. Cool time well, sayanya.
Well, to be honest I never knew there was this program in Indosat. Because other than I usually buy credits directly at my friend who sells pulses, I rarely pay attention to the promotion of credit provider in Indonesia. What I know and use the toll-free content.
I then rub voucher "Scratch and Get It" first. Ah, just get the pulse 2000 doang apparently. I personally do not get your hopes guns actually really, because from the first usually if an beginian rarely get. I rub the second voucher. Apparently I get a Samsung prize. I was surprised to win the prize. It was like getting food that is not unexpected that day. Oh God ... this is so my annoyance entertainers who promise unilaterally canceled as the prospective customer.Free Samsung
Free Samsung
Ms. guard counter was then congratulated me for getting a gift directly from the program "Scratch and Get It" Indosat. He then handed the prize to me by first asking the handover documentation is taken directly reward the Samsung HP.

"Thank God ... Oh God ... Miracle of giving happen again ..."
(I shudder to write this). God replied so quickly many times that I can spend some time ago. In retrospect it was often very miracle of giving this happen in my life.
Bener really what is always spelled out by Ippho "Right", Ustad Yusuf Mansur, Mas Lutvi Avandi, and also @ PencintaSedekah (via twitter). Miracle of giving it really exists, especially if we really believe. Try please refer to the book "The Miracle Of Giving"! So ashamed of it, worship is just so-so wrote while Allah has given so much in this life. This is us humans who are always forgotten and wrong, including forget to be grateful.
Over the counter taking handover documentation, I followed my friends to the food court. They see my face more cheerful than when I first met this afternoon. I was told by the miracle of giving the spirit of what I experienced just now. Of course, over dinner, because the stomach is hungry.
Does not feel the time is showing at 8:30 tonight. If you do not remember that far Tg.Priok boarding house, maybe I'll stay there with my friends and came home quite late to continue sharingnya. I was forced to say goodbye and end the first meeting that day.3 Life Lessons
I got three life lessons from this incident. The first miracle of giving alms or miracle. Once again, God gave me the opportunity to experience first-hand and become more confident again about the wonders of this charity.

"Imagery (income incurred by) the people who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is similar to a seed that grows seven ears. On every ear a hundred grains grow. God magnifies (reward) for whom He will. And Allah is the area (his gift), Knowing. "(Surat Al-Baqarah: 261)
The second lesson, the provision was never misplaced. That day, my fortune may yet get a new customer for the health food distribution business Herbalife ®. But God was already preparing another provision, the Samsung HP through the program I get "Scratch and Get It" Indosat, which is precisely all this time I never know if the program exists.
The third lesson, Allah is Set all affairs in heaven and on earth. Included among them is our sustenance. So what do we become restless? Especially when having to run to the street life is not right to earn a livelihood. Just do your best with a good and lawful way. Insha Allah if indeed our sustenance, not going where.
Did you share with others today? Do not delay, do and feel the miracle of giving too will happen whatever its form. May be useful for you all.

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