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a miracle of giving

The Power of Giving"You never come to good (perfect), before you spend sebahagian possessions you love. And whatever ye spend, Allah knows."(Surah Ali Imran 3:92)Once upon a time there was a Sufi who was feeling very close to his God. One day while walking, the Sufi ran into a very poor. His body was emaciated, skin and bones wrapped in rags potluck. His body lay limp on the sidewalk, dry lips, indicating long the poor do not have to eat. Seeing the suffering of the poor, the Sufi screamed his protest to God: "My God, why do not you do something for this guy!". A moment later, came the answer: "Yes!So I created you! ".
The Power of GivingStrength comes from the actions which give unselfishly. This action should not be associated with certain religious events. It would be better if you give from your heart because you want to share what you have. Do not let you have another motive, such as to give because they expect returns.
When you give, from your heart of hearts you say to the universe, that you just want to share and do not care about the return or the desire after that. You just do as you like.
When you do so, the response can be obtained benar2 beyond expectations. Appear as though a lot of people who are ready to help you even if you do not ask for help. As if a gift from your heart is rewarded with a good dozen times more than you give.
Please note that you give from your heart. You give no other desire behind your actions.You give because believe and trust that you will always be assigned to what you share with others.
Due to give, whether knowingly or not, we emit a signal / energy show us too much of what we give. It is this energy that the universe responds and returned many times over on us.However it is better if we gave for wanting to give, not because there is another boost.
Not only can we do to give to others. Pray and forgive also have approximately the same effect on us. At least we will have peace in the hearts of other people happy as can be.
The Law Of Giving & ReceivingThe power of giving (and receiving) is so powerful because it is the essence of the universe itself. Deepak Chopra is not excessive if the 7 Spiritual Law of Success include "Law of Giving" as the second law of success. The universe runs according to the circulation of give and take. Let's take a look. In all natural phenomena, runs the law of giving and receiving. Humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon-dioxide, while plants use carbon-dioxide in photosynthesis, and release oxygen.
The process of give and take, making everything in the universe is running, flowing. People seem to really understand the antiquity of this. For example, money, medium of exchange, in English called the currency, which is the Latin root meaning currere flow.
The most frequent question is:What should I give?Same answer to the question: what do you want to get?If you want to get affection, give love,if you want knowledge, scatter knowledge,if you want money, then give the money.
Yes, this is in accordance with the principle of give and take over, what is flowing out of you, is what will flow back to you. Follow the laws of this universe. Even running back to you, which is always greater than the flow out of you, because the universe is much bigger than you! So if you want lots of money, give money. Some ask, then what if you have not much money? Well, then you need to give more, hehehe ...
If giving has not become habit, actually there are a few tips which you can apply. Hopefully if done regularly, will strengthen the nerves giving you:
A. Wherever you go to meet someone, try to bring a gift. Whatever the form of gifts earlier.This has actually been taught by our parents antiquity, but often we forget. Notice how our parents before each visit to the house of a friend or relative is always brought gifts. You can also start this habit. Maybe just a packet of chocolate, flowers (you know what is going nyatain huh?), Or prayer. Yes, if forced to empty your hand, give it to ya prayer when you meet someone.
2. Grateful for every gift that you receive today. Well, what if today I do not accept anything?One, you'll receive something from the universe. Starting from the bright morning air, warm sunshine, greeting neighbors are friendly, even warning of the unknown, meet old friends that you missed, and much more. Yes of course much more concrete when suddenly there today that provide a new phone or iPod to your new. Obviously you must be thankful for what you receive.
3. Commit to always share what you actually can give at any time:Love. Perhaps you laughed outright. Ah, if only love I've given all the time for my family.Maybe you're right. You have to remember is, as Stephen Covey says, Love is a verb, not a noun. That is, should be in the practice. Yes, if you already have a love for the people closest to you, my practice. How many times a day to hug and rub your child's head? And say that you love your child?Laughter. This is not trivial. Laughter is an expression of happiness. Help people around you express the feeling of happiness through laughter. How many times a day do you laugh? Did you know that a child laughs 150 times a day rata2, and adults only 15 times a day. Cheer up, share a laugh at your house, if you prefer the child later on Mas Thukul than you.Knowledge. You must know something better than someone labih. Perhaps you are good at taking care of arowana fish, share. You are good at taking care of plants Aglonema?Share it. You a good cook, write and share recipes. Share your knowledge, because knowledge is a gift from the Almighty.The Power Of AlmsThe Prophet said:"When God created the earth and he was shaking.Then God created the mountains, and the power given to him, that he was silent. So the angels were astonished at the creation of the mountain.They asked, "Ya Rabbi, is there anything in Thy creation stronger than a mountain?"Allah replied: 'There is an iron.They said, Yes rabbi, is there something in penciptaanMu stronger than iron?God replied, 'There is a fire.They asked, "Ya Rabbi, is there anything in Thy creation stronger than fire?"Allah replied: 'There is water'.They asked, "Ya Rabbi, is there anything in Thy creation stronger than water?"Allah replied: 'There is the wind'.They asked, 'Ya Rabbi, is there something in penciptaanMu stronger than the wind?Allah replied: 'There are children who spend shadaqah Adam with his right hand was his left hand does not know ".(HR Reported At Tirmidzy and Ahmad)

Energy is very influential charity unusual for the perpetrator and the recipient, if we reached out to give alms willingly help to others, so between us and the charity receiving assistance are equally tebentuk a positive energy, which in general can be said that the charity can strengthen the relationship .
The meaning of charity is love of neighbor, so perhaps that is the cult of any religion and to know and do charity. Similarly, those atheists, animists and dynamism are also doing noble deeds is called charity.
Regardless of religious Shari'a, the nature we crave love of fellow human beings. Instead we instinctively would be sad if someone else hates or against us. And love in the form of Islam is charity, which charity evoke mystery and incredible energy.
Adam child who gives alms with his right hand while his left hand does not know much stronger than all of God's creation. Alms with his right hand and left hand does not know which charity without expecting any means, without showing off, very clean and sincere intention is only to Friends of Allah SWT alone. This is an incredible energy alms.
There are still many people who have not been able to do this, the charity which made it still contains elements of the passions, the tendency to be complimented, to show off and want to reap the rewards of receiving it. Charity so that less energy can provide power for the giver and who received it.
"If you reveal your alms, then it is very good. And if ye hide it and you give to the poor people, then hide it better. And Allah will remove from you some of the error-kesaalahmu, and Allah knows what you do. ( 271.)
Give me alms willingly, even if you do not expect a reply but automatically Allah SWT will reward you and automatically reward the people we are going back at least with gratitude and a sincere smile. Behind thanks and sincere smile is actually a very large stored energy which will bias any time to our lives.
Allah Ta'ala says, "As for those who give (freely in the way of Allah) and devoted and justify the best reward (Paradise), We will soon set up an easy road for him." {Qs. Al Lail (92): 5-8}
Allah Ta'ala says, "The Parable (income incurred by) the people who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is similar to a seed that grows seven ears, in every ear a hundred grains.God multiplies (reward) for whom He will. And the immensity of God (His grace) another all-knowing ". {Qs. Al Baqarah (2): 261}
Friend, in fact Alms should not sincere anyway, when placed in the context of learning and growing spirit of love. The term Learning by doing. If waiting for sincere, might we not even charity at all. Precisely because it can not be sincere, so take frequent alms. Because it has not been sincere and still not used to the calculation used to. Brain using that logic, of course, but God that gives favors guns calculations. Wrote a little wherewithal behind it could be a lot, especially if you donate a lot of
If you want the same analogy with prayer. We are commanded to humility in praying. So, if you can not continue to humility what is prayer? Certainly not yet. Even if you can, trying khusyu diligent prayer. Same thing with the charity or worship-badah others. If you wait for first sincere, might be picked up at Azrael trigger while not many deeds done. A clear and sincere or not, our charity has been providing benefits to the thousands who receive alms.The hungry, was able to buy food. Which again hit by disasters have started a little smile, etc.. The point we have to give happiness to others. Right ..?
Sincerity that should be asked in every prayer. Ikhlas is difficult, only those who mendapatkah guidance and grace of God that could in any sincere worship. Therefore ask God to be given any sincerity in worship. Because the secret of Allah's sincere.
Is it true that the secret of sincerity? True, sincere, and the culprit was a secret between Allah SWT. Anyone can not know with certainty whether a person is sincere or not. Other people will know if someone is sincere when he claimed that he was sincere, or Allah SWT is pleased to show the effects or consequences of one's sincerity to the humans around him, so that people will easily know the sincerity of a person.
Narrated in a hadith:A friend with a straight face asking a question, "O beloved of God, help me find out about this stupidity. Presumably you could explain to me, what is it sincere? "The Prophet, God's most noble lover says," with sincere regard, I sincerely asked Gabriel asapakah it? Then Gabriel said, "I asked the Lord of Glory sincere, whether it's actually sincere? "a vast knowledge of Allah said," Sincerity is the secret of the secrets of my heart that I put on my servants which I love. "(Reported by al-Qazwini)

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