Rabu, 08 Februari 2012

Business motivational words

    A. Poor people are making money, rich people looking for opportunities
        2. Smart people to make something simple to the complex, one idiot to make something complex into sederhan.
        3. Money that was lost can be searched again, but time has passed can not be bought back
        4. Everything is uncertain, the results are definitely small, but everything is uncertain, the outcome is uncertain of the
        5. It is at risk is not taking the risk itself
        6. Successful people are always advantages HOW, WHY people fail is always excess
        7. Prestige does not make you rich, but if you are rich you are coveted.
        8. Thinking for oneself is the beginning of poverty
        9. The rich were arrogant, it's a very rich low hat, not a rich man be a very rich
       10. No need money to make money
       11. Our future depends on what books we read and with whom we associate
       12. The biggest danger is not our failure in the target too high, but our success is too low target merahi
       13. Today we did what other people do, tomorrow we'll get what other people do not get.
       14. Do not ask, What happens if something does not work? 'But ask, what happens if it works? "
       15. The best way to merahi luck is to create
       16. If you liked, you are a leader. If you liked and hated a lot of people, you are a great leader,, smogs helpful friend yes friend,,, right .. salam salam victory,, :)

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