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he was more honorable than the beggar

The story of an old father seller envelope - A real wise story, written by Munir Rinaldi, Bandung, each leading to the mosque for Friday prayers Salman ITB, I always look for an old man sat thoughtfully in front of the merchandise. He sold the paper in an envelope that has been wrapped in plastic. At first glance it's huge market for goods "awkward" among the other merchants that meet the market shock in around Jalan Ganesha every Friday. Traders generally sell in the market surprise food, clothing, pirated DVDs, stuff toys, footwear and other accessory items. Sure he's a bit odd "nyempil" alone sells envelopes, stuff that is not really needed in the days of electronically-paced as it is today.
Heyday in the conventional mail delivery has passed, but the father was still selling the envelope. Maybe the father was not with the times, let alone the development of fast-paced information technology and instant, so he thinks there are still people who need to send a letter envelope. The presence of old man with unsold merchandise, sold it creates a feeling of pity.
Who I'd like to buy envelopes that? None of the passers-by to the mosque are interested to buy it. Passing people who rushed to the mosque as if Salman does not care about the old man's presence. Yesterday when going to Friday prayers at Salman I saw again the old man was sitting thoughtfully. I've promised to buy the envelopes were done praying, even though I do not really need these things. Yach, just want to help popularize the father's wares. After the Friday prayers and was about to return to the office, my father was approached. I asked what the price of the envelope in a plastic bungkusa. "A thousand", he replied in a low voice.
Oh God, the price of a pack of ten sheets isinnya envelope was only a thousand dollars? It is only enough money to buy two bala-bala fries fried in a nearby merchant. Thousand dollars of money that is not very meaningful to us, but the old gentleman was very mean. I choked up and fought back tears of compassion to hear it a very cheap price. "I bought a yes sir, ten packs", I said. The man looks happy because I buy envelopes in bulk. He put the contents of ten packs of envelopes per pack of ten sheets into envelopes the former box. Her hands trembled when entering the package looks envelope into the box. I asked again why he is selling it as cheap envelopes. And if we buy in shops envelopes may not be one hundred dollars.
With the money may only be five thousand envelopes. The man showed me the envelope sheet purchase receipt at the grocery store. Written in the memorandum receipt purchase of 10 packs worth Rp7500 envelope. "You just take a little", softly. So, he just took advantage of Rp250 for the contents of a pack of 10 sheets envelope it. I am so thrilled to hear the old man an honest answer. If a rogue trader 'fool' prices by raising prices and profits many times over, the old man not only how to take advantage. Even if sold ten packs of envelopes until the benefits are not just to buy rice wrapper on the sidewalk. Who was the person who would buy the envelope a lot today? In a day not sell packs of ten, let alone for the twenty-wrap envelope in order to buy rice. Once finished I paid 10,000 for a ten pack of envelopes, I returned to the office.
I do not forget to tuck a little more money for the old man to buy lunch. The old man took the money with trembling hands while saying thank you with a voice close to tears. I immediately rushed off leaving it as the eye can not stand to shed a tear. While walking I remembered a friend in facebook status that says this: "old gentlemen hawking merchandise that did not sell well, sell well, old ladies who sat in silence in front of the stall is always quiet. Look for reasons to buy goods from them, though we do not need it now. Do not always buy goods at shopping malls and convenient stores and complete .. ". The old gentleman seller envelope is one of them, that the vendors did not sell the goods-sold. The easiest and simplest way to help them is not giving them money, but buy them or wear selling their services.
Although the goods are sold by their slightly more expensive than the price at the mall and shop, but by buying their merchandise more barokahnya God willing, because we have indirectly helped the continuity of business and their lives. In my view the old man more honorable than the beggars who roam the Salman mosque, begging to passersby.
The beggars were mobilized children to provoke pity the pedestrians. But the old man did not want to beg, he remained firm whose profits are not selling envelopes how it was. At the office I observed another envelope package that I bought from the old man had. It may be true I do not really need the current envelope, but the money I spend ten thousand had been badly needed the old man. The box contains 10 packs of envelopes that I keep the envelope in the corner of the desk. Who knew I would need it later. Maybe on Friday next weeks I will see the old man sells back there, sitting dreamily in front of the merchandise that did not sell well, sell well.
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