Selasa, 31 Januari 2012

The importance of right brain creativity to give birth

Denpasar (ANTARA News) - Creative Marketing Expert Ippho Santosa said that if the right brain functioned properly it will give birth to creativity is spectacular.
"I therefore direct that the organs of the right brain functioned properly," said Ippho in Denpasar, on Saturday night.
At the seminar themed "7 Wonders of Fortune" in front of hundreds of participants, he said, in the right brain a charge into a program in charge of each individual activity.
"I give you an example, people who are successful and a genius for being able to move and right brain functioning that they are skillful in every job," he said.
It is said, it all depends on the individual is able to process and apply in their lives. Therefore need to exercise regularly and purposeful.
That does not mean that the left brain does not function or is useful in the lives of individuals, he said, but in the left hemisphere is more focused on a thinker.
"Usually early left-brain occurs when a person begins to step on the elementary school. Due to absorb the lessons of this function would look more dominant," he said.
But then after adulthood, according to his way of thinking someone should have more right brain functioning to achieve what they dream.
Actually, he said, the psychology of the brain when a person focuses on his right will be emitted by the look on his face and behavior in life.
"Actually, when really right brain functioning correctly then the individual will always have a sense of optimism in its activities," said the winner of a record MURI motivation in writing it.
Meanwhile, Assistant Director of Natural Bahana Copyright (ABC) as well as Linda Palupi the seminar organizers said, motivational seminar aims to create a reliable human resources.
"To create a reliable human resources in Indonesia have much to gain motivation from the experts in charge of the work. For the experience of the experts it will be opened in a clear how the move is right so as to achieve success," he said.
Therefore, he said, it continues to provide seminars and training to communities, as now by bringing in experts and motivation Ippho Santosa Sukadana Ganesh.

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